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Five breathtaking nature parks in California, USA!

National Parks in California


The state of California in The United States of America became world famous because of Hollywood and The City Of Angels: Los Angeles. But this beautiful state has a lot more to offer. The magical sandy beaches and many National Parks that belong to the list of the most beautiful parks of the world! There are over 100 State Parks and National Parks in California. Varying from high mountains to desert landscapes and endlessly green forests. The good news is that every park has its own beauty so you could hardly pick wrong! Read our #5 of the most impressive and breathtaking National Parks in California.

#5 Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon

These two National Parks in California are neighbors and known for the worlds largest trees. The trees are called sequoias and can reach a staggering thousand years in age. They give a magic feeling when you are wandering through the forest. With lengths of 100 meters and thickness of a couple meters you will feel very small for a few seconds. The main attraction is the General Sherman Tree in the Giant Forest and carries the title of largest tree in the whole world.

General Sherman Tree

#4 Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Are you making a road trip along the Californian coast? Well than you need to have a stopover at this beautiful piece of nature. The Highway 1 along the park offers amazing views over the ocean. Tip: drive from San Francisco to LA instead of the other way, because driving southwards offers you wonderful views and lookout points! The highway is often closed because of sliding rocks so check the current conditions before you hop in your car.

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

#3 Death Valley National Park

This nature reserve owes its name to the extreme drought and heat during summertime. Nevertheless you will find impressive flora and fauna in this National Park in California. A must visit is viewpoint ‘Dante’s view’ where you will have an panoramic view over the surrounding area and The Golden Canyon with its orange/yellow colored rock formations. Follow the Golden Canyon Trail (3.2 km) and be amazed of the beautiful color shades of the rocks!

Death Valley National Park

#2 Joshua Tree National Park

In the south of California you will find a breathtaking desert landscape named after the special plant that grows there: The Joshua Tree. The National Park is a combination of the Colorado Desert in the East and the Mohave Desert in the West. Tip: make a road trip by bike, motor or car and be amazed of the extraordinary ecosystem of the park.

Joshua Tree National Park

#1 Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park was the first wildernis park of the USA and is the most famous one in the country nowadays. The valley has many deep cliffs, high mountains and huge waterfalls. There are a lot of viewpoints were you will have impressive panoramas of the area! Famous viewpoints are El Captain Meadow and the Wawona Road. Don’t forget your camera!

Yosemite National Park

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