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Car rental Fort Lauderdale

Car rental in Fort Lauderdale is the perfect way to explore the sunny state Florida in the USA! It’s famous for its perfect, sandy beaches, arts, culture and lots of events. The beachfront promenade is known of its wave wall and brick paved path. You may relax on the beach underneath a palmtree or go diving in the Atlantic Ocean where you” find lots of shipwrecks. Explore Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area with your rental car easily. Request a free quote and find out the cheapest rates at or contact our Customer Service Team if you need any help!

Lejebil car rental in Fort Lauderdale

With your Lejebil rental car you are able to explore the beautiful state Florida. Start in Fort Lauderdale and drive to Miami, Everglades National Park and Key West. You may also go shopping in Fort Lauderdale or go to an exclusive restaurant for perfect dining! For some interesting antiques you can have a stopover at the Stranahan House, a preserved 1900s home. Close your day in Fort Lauderdale with a visit to the Arts and Entertainment District and have a drink in one of the many bars.

Explore Fort Lauderdale and surrounding

A must do when you’ll visit Fort Lauderdale is to explore Everglades National Park. Hop on the air boat and enjoy the thrilling swamp tour! Do you spot the many alligators? After two hours of touring through the swamp you can go to the seafood bar Quarterdeck Restaurants and enjoy a fresh fish meal. Do you want to see more of all the islands? Than you may go to the Tropic Ocean Airways and let them bring you to the Keys, Bahamas or beyond; a perfect way to explore the beautiful islands and to go sunbathing, diving and snorkeling.

Car rental options in Fort Lauderdale

With a Lejebil rental car there are lots of extras included! Let our Customer Service Team know about your specific wishes or indicate it yourself while you are booking your rental car. At a small fee you can rent all the extra’s you need to make your vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida complete. The pick-up location is at Fort Lauderdale Airport, 600 Terminal Dr Suite 202. Click here to call us for any questions or to request a free quote.