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Car rental Catania

Interested in car rental in Catania? We offer you a variety of rental cars for the cheapest rates! Catania is the second largest metropolitan city of Sicily, Italy and is located at the feet of Mount Etna. This volcano destroyed the city multipal times because of eruptions, among which the most devastating in the 17th Century. The old city center of Catania is relatively small, so you can discover all its highlights and secrets easily! An ideal starting point of your trip is the main square Piazza Duomo. One of the most influential persons of the Sicilian baroque, the Italian architect Giovanni Battista Vaccarini, designed the square. car rental in Catania

Catania is a small, cozy city and is easy to discover on foot. From Catania you can drive to the capital city of Sicily, Palermo and Valle dei Templi  in Agrigento. Something you really have to visit is the Fish Market of Catania (La Pescheria), located in Piazza Alonzo di Benedetto. During the week the fish market is open from 7am to 2pm and all day on Saturdays. Another must visit is Cattedrale di Sant’Agata dedicated to the patron saint of Catania, Saint Agatha. The Cathedral is destroyed multiple times because of the earthquakes and eruptions of the Etna. Inside the Cathedral you will find the chapel of Saint Agatha where relics in a jeweled silver reliquary are kept. You can also sadmire the tomb of world-famous Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini in the cathedral! Read our blog ‘Road trip through sophisticated and beautiful Italy’, where your road trip will start in the elegant city Milan and finish in Catania!

Explore the charming city Catania and surrounding

When in Sicily you cannot skip a visit to the imposing, famous Mount Etna. After the Stromboli (a volcano island in Italy) the Etna is the most active volcano in Europe, so there are eruptions regularly! The highest point of the Etna is located at 3329.6 meters and therefore the 2nd highest volcano of Europe. From Catania you can travel by bus to the mountain hut Rifugio Sapienza at 1800 meters. From this point you will travel by cable car to above 2580 meters. With a guide you can explore different routes to the craters on foot. The Mount Etna is a must visit when you are in Sicily! Already interested in car rental in Catania? At you will pay (except for a small fee) the amount due when you arrive at the location!

Options car rental in Catania

Looking for car rental in Catania that offer some extras? At you can add all the extras you will need to make your road trip unforgettable! Below you will find some extras we offer:

  • Childrens seat: mandatory for children up to 12 years and smaller than 1.50m.
  • Booster seat: give your child the possibility to enjoy the amazing view in Catania!
  • NoRisk Warranty: travel around knowing everything is taken care of.
  • Redeem cancellation fee: with this option you will receive a full refund if you wish to cancel the booking up to 24 hours before the rental period commences.

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